The Place of Cows in Culture

rick-steves-gimmelwald-cow-culture-631-jpg__800x600_q85_cropIn many cultures, cows are considered to be holy entities or creatures and therefore are respected and not killed and used as products to produce meat for humans. However, that does not guarantee that cows are happy and have a good life in these countries, given that they often suffer from malnutrition and diverse health issues.

There are many contemporary works of art that address issues like animal’s rights and that promote respect for all living beings, especially farm animals. Similarly, we can draw comparisons between white supremacy and other ethnicities within the human race and that supremacy that mankind insists on exerting over farm animals and cattle. In The Great Gatsby, the main character, goes to great lengths to become more “white” and less poor, by trying to fit in and live up to the principles established by the way of life led by the rich, dominant, great white society. He does this by means of creating and adopting a fictitious identity he considers fit for the world that, according to his rather skewed opinion, needs to be mastered by him if he is to secure the love of the girl he is in love with. As we can observe in the following passage, white supremacist views endorsed by Buchanan are representative of the type of society this essay seeks to criticize (present also in Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) “It’s up to us, who are the dominant race…”

The way Buchanan refers to having control of things bears a resemblance to the meat industry operated by the dominant race over farm animals and cows; the same white supremacy that decimated the Native American community. For example, in Wharton’s Ethan Frome, main characters Mattie and Ethan had crossed the boundaries when they develop amorous desires for each other; desires of developing an extramarital relationship even if Ethan was married to Mattie’s cousin. When they finally decide to act upon them, it seems as though they are punished for their unlawful love affair (divine justice) by being confined to a life of paralysis, physical as well as mental.