Smartphones and Online Media

Young male sofa watching video on smartphone modern apartmentThe lifestyle that ensues from constantly relying on smartphones seems to have a negative effect on individuals. It seems as though it instills impatience into the collective mind and generates a need for minute-by-minute updates and constant information, which can lead or contribute to a general feeling of social anxiety and endemic disquietude.

The online media industry has, since its emergence in the 1990s, been and continues to be the subject of great controversy for various reasons; Particularly, with regard to content and quality of what is actually produced or written and subsequently published. Many point out that since everything is edited digitally, proofread by a mere software program and can be modified and amended even after publication, carelessness and negligence reign among the editorial staff. The haste when publishing breaking news leads many times to the inaccurate account of facts and sometimes even the publication of unintentional news satire. Online journalism has, by and large, been accused of serving as a conduit for news satire or rumors to be given, mistakenly, serious media coverage, based on the erroneous assumption that the originally fabricated piece of information was indeed veracious.

There are those, however, who claim that online newspapers, far from banishing their hard-copy counterparts, are but a complement to them and can indeed help to attract new readers and reach out to a much wider audience. Another advantage for supporting online media is that it knows of no geographic boundaries and physical location would no longer be an impediment to newspapers, hence being able to make daily, or hourly for that matter, issues readily available to anyone regardless of whether they are in the same town as the editorial department or halfway around the globe.

In conclusion, the wide expansion of online journalism seems to be on the verge of becoming a detriment to the excellence and quality standards the more traditional types of news media claimed to be characterized by, and which they take so much pride in.