Increase of Online Journalism

screen-shot-2015-10-02-at-1-45-16-pmIn recent years, there has been a steady increase of online journalism, as a result of the vast availability of the internet and mobile internet devices world-wide. Currently, there is much debate revolving around the alleged imminent disappearance of hard-copy newspapers and whether online press actually poses any serious threat to the most traditional variations and practices of journalism.

A major factor in the increasing popularity that online journalism is currently enjoying is or can, perhaps, be attributed to the fact that internet usage has, in the last years, been growing steadily, even in developing countries or areas affected by poverty. More often than not, it is reported that desperately poor families around the globe, living in less favored areas such as slums, who might not even have access to clean, potable water, have, nevertheless, access to amenities such as the internet and TV. Internet connection is now on its way to being included in the list of basic needs used as determining factors for measuring the poverty threshold.

Another fundamental reason for the booming proliferation of online journalism came as a result of the mass production and consumption of smartphones. Smartphones are merely mobile phones that virtually have the same data processing and connectivity capabilities as those of a computer. The market for smartphones today is extremely vast and, in recent years, they have become very affordable, so much so that, in an average metropolis, many a citizen have acquired or owned at one point or another a smartphone.

The biggest advantage of owning a modern smartphone can be seen on the web page might perhaps be the fact that it facilitates, for example, wireless browsing through the internet at rather high speeds, thus giving users the possibility to stay constantly updated and informed and read news anytime, anywhere.